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Who We Are?

Parian Plast Toos, was founded in May 2012 and constructed over than 10,000 m2 in the Khayyam industrial estate in Neyshabur city located in the east of IRAN.

The Parian Plast Company, relying upon the proficient delegation, educational potentialities and experienced managers with the emphasis on the Core Value, “Respecting customers and other stakeholders, sustainable employment of youth, productive production, innovation and integrity.” in the performance “in the field of designing and manufacturing polymer parts including rubber parts, plastic parts and compounds of rubber and plastic or metal .

Parian Plast Co. has improved in new structures and policies in its field of business to expose its latent capabilities in the operation with more effectively to gain a better opportunity for more successful participation.

Parian Plast Co. has expanded and developed for designing and manufacturing of all kinds of rubber parts in the automotive and food industries, as well as producing all kinds of nylon fuel pipes for passenger cars, crank case oil vapor pipe for Peugeot 206, the Peugeot 206 Air Resonator and polymer gasoline filters and ECO Oil filter.

Growing Smart up To infinity


Technology for a Brighter Future


Parian Plast Co. designer and manufacturer

  • Design and manufacture of customized polymer and rubber products by using reverse engineering .This includes simple products right up to hugely complex,
  • Design and manufacture of rubber products, special O-rings, gaskets and rubber seals in the automotive, oil and petrochemical industries, food and dairy industries,
  • Design and manufacture of polymer or plastic fuel pipes for passenger cars,
  • Design and manufacture of oil vapor transmission pipes for passenger cars,
  • Design and manufacture of plastic fuel filter and ECO oil filter.

Mission of Pairan Plast Co.


Design and manufacture of rubber parts, plastic parts and mounted rubber parts with plastic or metal  in industry including ;

  • Automotive Industries
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries,
  • Food and Drug Industries
  • Household Industries,
  • Medical Industries,
  • Water and wastewater industries ,
  • Urbanization and parks industries.

Our Clients

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Food and pharmaceutical industries

Rail and Metro Industries

Petroleum and petrochemical industries

Parts Manufacturing Companies

Automotive companies




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No. 619,Tosee North first, Tosee North Blvd. Khayam industrial zone, Neyshabour,IRAN.